LGBTQ Foundations 103

LGBTQ Foundations 103 with Gary Jacobson, LCSW and Amelia Pope, LMSW

Dates: Fridays April 4th, April 11th, April 18th, and April 25th, May 2nd, and May 9th
11am -12:30pm

Location: ICP Library 1841 Broadway New York, NY 10023

This course will explore clinical issues working with LGBTQ relationships, couples, and families. Through readings and discussion, we will explore clinical issues common to LGBTQ couples and the increasing number of LGBTQ people becoming parents. It is not necessary to have taken LGBTQ Foundations 101 or Foundations 102 to benefit from this module.

Readings will include:

  • Patterson and Riskind- To Be a Parent: Issues in Family Formation among Gay and Lesbian Adults
  • Pfeffer- Bodies in Transition: Lesbian Partners of Trans Men and Body Image
  • Sanders-  Men Together: Working with Gay Couples in Contemporary Times
  • Shelby- About Cruising and Being Cruised
  • Shernoff- Condomless Sex: Considarations for Psychotherapy with Individual Gay Men and Male Couple Having Unsafe  Sex
  • Shumsky- Transforming the Ties That Bind: Lesbians, Lovers, and Chosen Family

Module Fees

6-9 hour Training Modules

  • $50 for Graduate Students (with ID)
  • $100 for ICP and PCGS Community
  • $150 for Outside Clinical Community 

To register online visit the Module Registration Page. Please contact PCGS for questions about our upcoming Modules:

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