#MeToo Movement & the News - Dr. Melanie Brewster

“There’s something about the familiarity of news anchors that makes this latest case of sexual harassment feel even more painful,” Melanie Brewster, an associate professor of psychology at Teachers College at Columbia University and co-founder of the “Sexuality, Women and Gender Project” there, tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Matt Lauer was someone who was a daily guest in people’s homes, while they were getting ready for work or eating breakfast, and supposed to be a trustworthy and wholesome figure. We are living in a jaded age where, as women, we almost anticipate or expect that male politicians or Hollywood types will be skeezy, but admitting to ourselves that this isn’t just an issue for ‘some men in some fields,’ but men everywhere, across all walks of life, is disheartening. Perhaps this is the reckoning that will lead to women finally being believed and heard.”

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