Symposium: "On The Body" May 6-7, 2016

Presenter: Julia Kristeva, Juliet Mitchell, Sherry Turkle, Paul Verhaeghe, Patricia Gherovici, Jessica Benjamin, Christine Anzieu-Premmereur, Robert Paul, Panagiotis Aloupis, Marina Papageorgiou, Rosemary Balsam, Jonathan House, Dominique Scarfone, Robert Michels, Lila Kalinich and George Sagi


At the dawning of psychoanalysis in Freud's project and throughout his writings, the intertwining of body and psyche was elemental. However, since Freud, the body has been progressively undertheorized. The APMSymposium 'On the Body' addresses the imperative to bring the body back to center stage and to consider the challenges it poses to our current ways of understanding our patients. Does the contemporary ideology of the body, an ideology of an omnipotent mind that transcends the limits of the body, produce different kind of patients from those of the times of Freud? How do we think of hysteria today and of the psychosomatic symptoms that we are encountering more and more in our practice? How is the body today used by the psyche?

This 2-day multi-disciplinary International Symposium in NYC with guest speakers from around the world will address singularly important topics in contemporary psychoanalysis such as:
• Disembodiment in our Digital Age and its Impact on the Psyche
• The Speaking Body, the Sick Body, the Sexual Body
• Sex, Gender and Infantile Sexuality

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