Call for Instructors - Teachers College, Reproductive & Maternal Well-Being Curriculum

Dreaming of Motherhood -  Carmel Jenkins

Dreaming of Motherhood - Carmel Jenkins

Call for Instructors:

Teachers College, Columbia University is launching their new Reproductive & Maternal Well-Being curriculum in 2015-2016 as part of the Sexuality, Women, and Gender Project.

This specialization will address the increased need for graduate training in this burgeoning field through: (1) didactic courses and colloquia (2) intensive research training and mentoring, and (3) fieldwork in community-based organizations.  The overarching goal is to create an educated workforce able to address the much-needed and complex questions arising from the changing procreative lives of 21st century women and families locally and globally.


We are currently recruiting experts to teach the following courses (names may be changed). Multidisciplinary perspectives are welcome:

1.      Menstruation to Menopause: Developmental Implications of Reproduction

2.      Perinatal Mental Health: Clinical and Counseling Perspectives

3.      Family Systems: Varieties of Parenting Experiences (e.g. LGBT parenting, fatherhood, adoption, single mothers by choice)

4.      Special Topics: advanced seminar in a topic of your expertise (e.g. infertility, grief/loss, reproductive psychiatry, maternal mortality, prenatal mind-body practices)

If you are interested in a one-time speaking engagement or are a fieldwork site interested in participating in our program, please also contact us. Prospective students are also welcome to learn more about our program.

Please send your CV along with a cover letter of interest to Aurelie Athan: