APA CE Workshop “Women Counseling Men: Practicing Male-Friendly Therapy” 

Saturday August 9th from 1-4:50 p.m.

Presenters:  Terri Morse LMHC & Holly Sweet Ph.D.

This introductory workshop examines how men may view and utilize therapy and discuss how gender norms may impact female therapist/male client dyads. Through role playing, video clips, case studies, and didactic presentation, participants will explore a variety of male-friendly therapeutic interventions. Challenges female therapists may face will be addressed, including negative counter-transference , and dealing successfully with aggressive, sexist, or narcissistic men, or male clients who sexualize the therapeutic relationship. Special attention will be paid to the role that shame may play in men's lives, as well as how to set healthy boundaries with male clients while remaining empathic to their struggles.

A limited number of scholarships are also available (for the cost of the workshop only) for graduate students. Interested students should contact Holly Sweet, Ph.D. at hbsweet@mit.edu. Applications are due May 23rd. 

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