Call for Papers: Academic book on yoga, the body, and an intersectional feminist analysis.

Melanie Klein, Beth Berila, and Chelsea Jackson are co-editing this collection. Some context: Rowman and Littlefield recently approached Melanie about an academic monograph on yoga. Because this would be the first academic book on the topic, Melanie proposed an anthology and they agreed it was the best course of action to explore the conversation on yoga in academia. This call for papers is the first step towards creating that anthology.


  • We are looking for a total of 10 - 12 essays, not including our own contributions, which allows us to accept 7 - 9 submissions for this collection.
  • The essays need not be based on your own original empirical research. This book will take a "Humanities" approach.
  • Essays will hinge on the broad axis of yoga and the body (not body image per se, but the body, allowing room for a variety of angles and approaches).
  • The book and all essays should take on an intersectional feminist analysis.

If you're interested in being considered for a contribution to this volume, please submit a 500-word abstract describing your angle with a possible title and a bio that includes your degree/s, discipline/s and institutional affiliation, if applicable by January 9, 2015. Ideally, we hope you'll be able to provide two possible options of different angles and an order of preference, so we can better imagine how the essays might all fit together. Please submit your proposals to all three of the editors (<mailto:>,,

We will review all submission and notify individuals by the end of January, early February.
If accepted to this volume, contributors are expected to complete their essays by August.

We look forward to your reply.


Melanie Klein, Beth Berila and Chelsea Jackson

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