Dr. Riddhi Sandil quoted in the Atlantic

The Sexism of School Dress Codes

These policies can perpetuate discrimination against female students, as well as LGBT students.

Our very own Dr. Riddhi Sandil was quoted in The Atlantic in an Oct. 20th article exploring the movement against dress codes here.

Ultimately, such rules could be the wrong way to handle some of the issues that they purport to cover. Since so many have previously been used to address the potential of sexual harassment in schools regarding male students paying inappropriate attention to female students, it’s clear other practices, like courses on respect and harassment, may be needed to fill this gap. These initiatives would shift the focus of school policies.

“Is it possible that we can educate our boys to not be ‘distracted’ by their peers and not engage in misogyny and objectification of women's bodies?”

...asks Riddhi Sandil, a psychologist and co-founder of the Sexuality, Women and Gender Project at Teachers College at Columbia University.

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