Seeking submissions for an edited collection entitled

*Pagan, Goddess, Mother*

Editors: Sarah Whedon & Nané Jordan

*Deadline for Abstracts: September 1st, 2016*

Pagan spirituality and Goddess spirituality are distinct, yet overlapping
movements and communities, each with much to say about deity as mother and
about human mothers in relationship to deity. The purpose of this
collection is to call categories of Pagan and Goddess mothering into focus,
to highlight philosophies and experiences of mothers in these various
movements and traditions, and to generate new ways of imagining and
enacting motherhood.

What is distinctive about Pagan motherhood, what is distinctive about
Goddess spirituality motherhood, and where is the overlap? How do these
differ, and what does each have to learn from the other? How does study of
these communities, philosophies, and practices highlight tensions and
insights into gender, motherhood, and embodiment, more broadly? How do
mothers in contemporary Pagan and Goddess movements negotiate their
mothering roles and identities? What elements of these diverse contemporary
traditions inform their experiences? How do theologies, thealogies, and
devotions to Mother Goddesses affect experiences of mothering? How do Pagan
and Goddess mothers engage with ceremony, ritual, magic, and priestesshood?
How do Pagan and Goddess mothers interface with interreligious dialogue,
social institutions for children, community leadership, social justice, and
the public sphere?

*Topics may include (but are not limited to):*

The specific theologies, thealogies, mythologies, ethics, or practices of
mothers in particular Pagan and/or Goddess traditions; theories of gender,
motherhood, or embodiment in Pagan and/or Goddess traditions; Earth Mother,
Great Mother, mother Goddess creation stories, eco-spirituality, or the
maiden-mother-crone trinity; mothers’ participation in ceremony, ritual,
festival, magic, or priestesshood; the relationship between mother Goddess
and human mother’s empowerment; pregnancy, birth, early mothering, and
beyond; Pagan and/or Goddess spirituality in mom blogging, custody
conflict, religious freedom, children’s religious education, or other
social institutions; diversity and difference in Pagan and/or Goddess
mothering including grandmothering, race, disability, or lgbtq families.

Perspectives are welcomed from a wide range of disciplines and genres,
including history, theology, thealogy, religious studies, anthropology,
sociology, cultural studies, biography, spiritual autobiography, personal
essays, life writing, poetry and artwork.

*Submissions Guidelines:*

Please send abstracts of approximately 300 words together with a short bio

Sarah Whedon & Nané Jordan at: pagangoddessmother@gmail.com

*by September 1, 2016.*

*Accepted papers *of 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages including references and
endnotes) will be due *February 1st, 2017. *Contributors will be
responsible for ensuring that manuscripts adhere to MLA style.


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